Nov 15
why its almost essential you use wordpress for your business website if youve never built one before 1000x563 - Why It’s Almost Essential You Use WordPress for Your Business Website if You’ve Never Built One Before

Why It’s Almost Essential You Use WordPress for Your Business Website if You’ve Never Built One Before

If you are ready to tackle a DIY website, WordPress is a must. In fact, the vast majority of the websites you visit are designed from customized WP templates. WP is also the preferred choice of many professional designers. Here’s what you need to know when using WordPress for your business website.

No Coding Or Design Skills Required

Code is genuinely a foreign language that requires advanced training to learn, and keep up with. On top of the ability to code, websites must also have an attractive design that accurately represents your brand. With WordPress, you don’t have to learn how to code or design! All you need to do is select one of the tens of thousands of ready-made templates. While there are some impressive free templates out there, it’s worth investing in a premium template. The premium version will allow you to add the advanced features and functions you require, and often comes with additional support. For an average of $60, a premium theme is money well spent. If you will be processing payments or have an e-commerce website, a premium theme is a must.

Easy Drag-And-Drop

The theme you select has a variety of customizable features, which you can drag and drop to “build” the perfect layout and design. From adjusting the size of your banner, to your custom menu, the layout of your Home page, and quickly and easily adding new products, pages, and sections.

You Don’t Need To Call Your Designer For Every Little Change And Update

Using WordPress for your business website provides you with both upfront and ongoing cost-savings. If you have a complex website built, you’ll have to call your designer for every little thing. With an intuitive interface, it is super simple for you to swap out images, add blog posts, edit content, add videos, and more. Even if you hire a designer for your initial website, you can easily do the online updates and changes in-house.

Other DIY Builders Are Insufficient

While WordPress isn’t your only DIY tool, it is by far your best option. The reasons for this are many, including:

  • SEO is built-in to the graphic design.
  • SEO heading tags, meta tags, alt data, and image optimization are all easy to add.
  • You have an endless option of plug-ins to increase features and functions.
  • You can easily integrate WordPress with a variety of tools.
  • Unlike tools such as Squarespace, both your website and your URL are yours.
  • You have an endless variety of customizable options, and if needed you can hire a designer to customize your site—while keeping the template you know how to use.
  • As long as you select a theme from a reputable theme company like ThemeForest, updates in design, security, features, and functions are easily available.
  • You can easily switch to a new theme at any time.
  • WordPress provides multiple security, compatibility, and software updates annually.

Using WordPress to build your business website is a no-brainer. It is the fastest and easiest way to create a quality DIY website to establish and grow your online presence!