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discover the spirit of agave at vancouvers first tequila agave festival with solocube creative 03 1000x563 - Discover the Spirit of Agave at Vancouver’s First Tequila & Agave Festival with Solocube Creative

Discover the Spirit of Agave at Vancouver’s First Tequila & Agave Festival with Solocube Creative

Solocube Creative, a leader in innovative design and digital marketing solutions, is thrilled to announce our proud sponsorship of Vancouver's inaugural Tequila & Agave Festival.

This landmark event, and the first of its kind in Canada, is set in the heart of one of Canada's most vibrant cities and promises an unforgettable exploration of Mexico's most celebrated spirits—all taking place on Saturday, May 25th, 2024, at the Italian Cultural Centre's Grand Ballroom Area.

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A Festival Like No Other

Prepare to immerse yourself in the essence of the agave spirit culture at this distinguished event. The Tequila & Agave Festival not only showcases an exquisite selection of more than 150 Mexican spirits but also offers attendees the unique opportunity to learn about the rich traditions and meticulous craftsmanship behind these legendary liquors.

From the smoothest tequilas to the most intricate agave expressions, the festival stands as an invitation to both connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts to savour tastings, engage with expert distillers, and revel in a day dedicated to the art of agave.

Embark on a flavorful journey that captures the vibrant spirit of Mexico right here in Vancouver.

Exclusive On-Site Experience

Adding to the festival's allure is the on-site sales experience brought to you by Legacy Liquor Store. This exceptional service allows you to taste, relish, and purchase premium agave-based beverages from the festival floor, including select offerings from revered names such as Patrón Tequila, Tequila Adictivo, Hornitos, Tres Generaciones, Ghost, Cinco Drink Co, and Altos Tequila.


Experience the Vibrant Sounds of the Festival

Los Duendes – Your Psychedelic Latin Groove Masters

Prepare to be mesmerized by the unique sounds of Los Duendes, Vancouver's own Psych Latin Fusion group. Their dynamic blend of infectious tropical rhythms and spicy Latin melodies is guaranteed to lift spirits and get feet moving. Dubbed as pioneers of “Psych Cumbia,” Los Duendes skillfully mix Andean guitar, Jazz, Cumbia, Salsa, and Soulful House, creating a danceable musical universe that's both fresh and exhilarating.

Los Dorados – The Authentic Mariachi Experience

Feast your ears on the rich and vibrant melodies of Los Dorados, Canada’s premier 12-piece mariachi ensemble. Known for their authentic performances brimming with passion and tradition, Los Dorados promises to enchant and invigorate as they bring the heart of Mexico to Vancouver. An unforgettable experience that pairs seamlessly with the exquisite flavors of tequila and agave spirits, ensuring a festival atmosphere like no other.

DJ Ivan Dancourt – Agave-Infused Beats to Move Your Soul

Get ready to groove with Ivan Dancourt, whose agave-inspired beats will keep the energy high and the spirits flowing. With a unique mix that caters to the tequila and agave festival vibe, DJ Ivan Dancourt ensures a seamless blend of music and tasting, creating an immersive and unforgettable experience. Join us on the dance floor and allow the electrifying rhythms to stir your soul!

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Mexico through the universal language of music at Vancouver’s first Tequila and Agave Festival. These exceptional artists promise an evening full of discovery, taste, and vibrant celebration. Don't miss out on this unique cultural fusion of sounds and spirits!

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Why Solocube Creative Is Proud to Sponsor

Our sponsorship of the Tequila & Agave Festival reflects Solocube Creative’s deep commitment to celebrating community, culture, and craftsmanship. Established in 2003, our mission has always been to partner with brands that share our passion for excellence and innovation. The festival’s dedication to authentic experiences and high-quality spirits mirrors our own values and our desire to support the local community and the people behind it.

Tequila and Agave Festival Sponsors

The Tequila & Agave Festival would not be possible without the generous support of the following sponsors. Their passion for celebrating the rich culture of tequila and agave is the backbone of this event. We are proud to showcase a diverse array of sponsors who share our vision of creating a vibrant, engaging, and educational experience for all attendees.

Platinum Sponsors:

  • Tequila Don Fulano: A testament to tradition and quality in every bottle.
  • Hawksworth Restaurant: Renowned for its dedication to excellence in dining.
  • Cinco Drink Co.: Innovators in craft beverage experiences.
  • Mezcal Derrumbes: Bringing the rich, smokey flavors of authentic mezcal to the forefront.

Gold Sponsors:

  • Jarritos: The iconic Mexican soda brand with a rainbow of flavors.
  • Cuchillo: A culinary gem with a modern twist on Latin cuisine.
  • Taste of Legacy: Curators of fine spirits and unforgettable tasting experiences.
  • Lift: Elevating spirits and cocktails with innovative mixology.
  • La Mezcaleria: Specialists in artisanal mezcal and Mexican gastronomy.
  • Nightingale: Celebrated for its seasonal cuisine and vibrant atmosphere.
  • Flair Airlines: Making travel affordable and accessible for festival attendees.

Silver Sponsors:

  • Solocube Creative: Pioneers in digital marketing since 2003.
  • Steamworks Brewing Co.: Local brewers of distinguished craft beers.
  • Welk’s General Store: A treasure trove of unique finds and artisanal goods.
  • Las Margaritas Restaurante y Cantina: Authentic flavors of Mexico served with heart.
  • Baseline Payments: Simplifying payments for businesses and their customers.
  • Cerveza Dos Equis: The beer that encourages adventure and curiosity.
  • Cerveza Sol: Bright, refreshing, and the taste of sunshine in every sip.

Bronze Sponsors:

  • Dicky’s Dumps: Makers of gourmet, artisan dumplings with a twist.
  • Arbutus Properties: Building communities with innovative and sustainable homes.
  • FIG Consulting Inc.: Experts in finance, investment, and growth strategies.
  • Jalisco Produce: Suppliers of fresh, quality produce for an authentic culinary experience.
  • I Mortgage Canada: Trusted advisors for all your mortgage needs.
  • We Love Van: Promoting the vibrant culture and unique lifestyle of Vancouver.
  • Nonny Canadian Craft Non-Alcoholic Beer: Crafted for taste, enjoyment without the alcohol.
  • Zumex Juice: Innovators in the world of fresh juice extraction.
  • Umbria Coffee Roasters: Passionate about coffee, from bean to cup.
  • Wallace: Creators of memorable, impactful marketing campaigns.

Media Partners:

  • Musica y Mezcal: Elevating the festival experience through the power of music and spirit.

Participant Restaurants:

  • Don Oso’s Mexican and Latin Food: Authentic flavors in every dish.
  • Maxines Cafe & Bar: Where comfort meets sophistication.
  • Miso Taco: Fusion of flavors that delight and surprise.
  • Chupito: Specialty shots and cocktails in a vibrant setting.
  • Tacofino: Celebrated for its West Coast-inspired Mexican fare.
  • The Pawnshop: Tacos, Taps & Tequila – a trifecta of taste.


Join Us for an Evening of Taste, Tradition, and Celebration

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to delight in the world of tequila and agave. Secure your tickets early through the official event website to enjoy the early bird offer and ensure your participation in this extraordinary event. Remember, tickets are only available for purchase in advance, and all attendees must be 19 years and older.

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or simply seeking a unique cultural experience, the Tequila & Agave Festival promises an evening of discovery, taste, and joyous celebration. We look forward to sharing this memorable occasion with the spirited community and Vancouver’s finest social circles.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit Tequila & Agave Festival Tickets.

Join us as we toast to the spirit of Mexico and immerse ourselves in the vibrant energy of Vancouver’s first Tequila and Agave Festival. See you there!

Solocube Creative – Innovate. Design. Engage.


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