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Elevating Digital Excellence: Novus Polishing Systems’ Spectacular Website Redesign by Solocube Creative

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, standing out is not just an option but a necessity.

Solocube Creative, a seasoned Vancouver digital marketing agency with two decades of experience, has once again demonstrated its prowess in crafting digital masterpieces.

This time, their canvas was Novus Polishing Systems' website, transforming it into a beacon of information and a magnet for potential clients.

About Novus Polishing Systems

Novus Polishing Systems, since its inception in 2003, has been synonymous with superior concrete flooring solutions in Vancouver. Their expertise ranges from decorative concrete to state-of-the-art moisture mitigation systems. This depth of service, combined with a client-centric approach, marks Novus as a leader in their field.

Mockup Tablet 03 - Elevating Digital Excellence: Novus Polishing Systems' Spectacular Website Redesign by Solocube Creative

Project Goals and Overview

The primary aim was precise: to construct a digital platform that not only enhances lead generation but also serves as an informative hub about their concrete flooring services.

The task involved crafting 20 service area pages and 12 industry-specific pages, all fine-tuned for Local SEO.

Challenges and Solutions by Solocube Creative

The central challenge in revamping Novus Polishing Systems' online presence was not just a technical overhaul but a complete reimagining of their digital identity.

The existing website was not only outdated in terms of design but also lacked the engagement and functionality needed to resonate with its target audience.

Recognizing these issues, Solocube Creative embarked on a journey to transform this digital façade into a vibrant, professional, and audience-centric platform.

Technical Overhaul for Modern Demands

The first step was to address the technological underpinnings of the site. Solocube leveraged the latest advancements in web development to ensure that the new website was not only visually appealing but also robust and scalable. This approach guaranteed a site that was not just for the present but prepared for future technological evolutions.

User Experience at the Forefront

Understanding that user experience is paramount, the team meticulously crafted a user interface that was intuitive, engaging, and informative.

The layout was restructured for ease of navigation, ensuring that users could effortlessly find the information they sought, whether on a desktop or a mobile device.

Visual Storytelling and Branding

The website's visual elements were completely overhauled to align with Novus Polishing Systems' brand identity. Solocube's designers infused the site with a contemporary, sleek design that mirrored the quality and professionalism of Novus' services.

This visual storytelling extended to every element on the website, from the color palette to the typography, creating a cohesive and inviting digital environment.

SEO-Driven Content Strategy

Recognizing the importance of visibility in the digital space, Solocube crafted an SEO-driven content strategy. This entailed creating original, engaging content and optimizing it for local search engines.

The result was a significant improvement in search engine rankings, making Novus more visible and accessible to its target audience.

Interactive Elements and Lead Generation

To turn the website into a lead-generating powerhouse, Solocube incorporated interactive elements such as contact forms, service inquiry sections, and a live chat feature. These elements were strategically placed to guide potential customers through a journey from discovery to engagement.

Performance Optimization

The site's performance was a top priority. Solocube ensured minimal loading times, and the site remained responsive under various traffic conditions.

This optimization level was crucial for enhancing user experience and reducing bounce rates.

In conclusion, the transformation of the Novus Polishing Systems website by Solocube Creative was a comprehensive response to a multi-faceted challenge.

It was not just about making the site look modern but about creating an immersive digital experience that effectively communicated Novus' brand story, engaged its audience, and drove business objectives.

Device Set All in One Mockup 03 - Elevating Digital Excellence: Novus Polishing Systems' Spectacular Website Redesign by Solocube Creative

Innovative Website Features and Design

Solocube's solution was a marvel of digital design: a 100% responsive website, flawlessly functioning across various devices and browsers. Incorporating the Codestar WordPress Framework and WPBakery Page Builder, the site is a testament to innovative design.

Each service page is meticulously crafted with lead generation in mind, complemented by a rich projects section and an informative blog.

Results and Impact

The result? A staggering increase in website traffic and visibility, with a remarkable 3.66% rise in just one week. The website's excellence is further affirmed by a 99% SEMRUSH audit score and top-tier performance ratings on Google PageSpeed and GTMetrix.

Client Testimonial

Erman Celik, Owner of Novus Polishing, commends Solocube Creative, “Their expertise and creative vision have been pivotal in elevating our digital presence.” Ivan Dancourt, CEO of Solocube, adds, “This project highlights our commitment to delivering digital excellence tailored to our clients' unique needs.”

This project's success was a collaborative effort of Solocube's skilled copywriters, programmers, web designers, and quality control team, all leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a stellar product.

The new Novus Polishing Systems website is more than just a digital space; it's a testament to Solocube Creative's ability to blend aesthetics with functionality, creating an online platform that resonates with its audience and drives business growth.

Mockup Mobile 01 - Elevating Digital Excellence: Novus Polishing Systems' Spectacular Website Redesign by Solocube Creative

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