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facebook vs google FB - Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords: Which is Better for Your Business?

Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords: Which is Better for Your Business?

facebook vs google - Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords: Which is Better for Your Business?Advertising needs to be interesting, appealing, and attractive in order to drive attention. Whether it is Facebook advertising or Google AdWords advertising, creativity, and understanding of the keywords is a must.

You’ll have to have a plan in place in accordance with your needs and how you want to project your business on the market front. As far as online advertising is concerned two popular mediums are discussed ahead, take a look and decide to yourself which one suits your business well.

Why AdWords Advertising?

  • First of all, Google is the search engine giant and exposure on its pages will really help your business reach out to millions.
  • AdWords advertising is tried and tested for quite a few years and Google keeps fine-tuning its tools from time to time. This gives businesses a lot of control over the kind of ad they want to put out, and who sees them.
  • For Google AdWords, there’s a free tool called Google Keyword tool, where you can search, find most suitable keywords for the ad campaign based on the category, the demographics, etc.
  • Google AdWords is a Pay per Click advertising program. You only pay when your ads get a click. You can set a daily advertising budget and also specify the maximum cost per click (CPC) bid you want. However, the keywords, their search volume, and the competition determine the overall cost of a Google AdWords ad campaign.


Why Facebook Advertising?

  • Facebook Advertising allows you to target specific groups and demographics. You’re free to choose the keywords, create an ad copy, and place an ad for a specific group of people to see. You can also set a daily budget for the advertising campaign you run.
  • You can sponsor ads, stories, and a do lot more things. Besides that, you have two advertising options here i.e. CPM and CPC, unlike Google AdWords, where you only have PPC.


facebook ads - Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords: Which is Better for Your Business?When it comes to Facebook advertising vs Google AdWords, both have their own pros and cons. While Google’s reach dwarfs Facebook, the social media site offers a more direct approach that many advertisers prefer.

Social media for marketing and advertising is vital and you need to know how to go about with it. Google AdWords offers a wider demographic so you need to decide what your business needs more. All in all, it’s about making sure that your advertising funds don’t go down the drain.

For a business, you need to decide on the right path to take. A large number of brands have spent hundreds of dollars on online advertising, without results. Why does this happen?

There are two reasons behind poor advertising returns.

1. Improper or boring ads: If you’re not being innovative while creating your online ads, the chances of failing are much higher. People don’t go looking for advertisements, so your words and images need to attract their attention. There are thousands of ads that state the obvious. Think out of the box and see what happens then.

2. The Wrong Platform: Facebook Advertising vs. Google AdWords? Certain businesses end up spending too much on the wrong advertising platform, thus crippling their chances of success. You need to understand the needs of your business before deciding on advertising expenditure.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend thousands on your campaign. Clever choices will see you get a healthy return on the money you put in.

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