Jun 13
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Magazine Advertising vs. Facebook Advertising: What’s the Better Marketing Strategy?

It’s exciting seeing the careful crafted ad for your business in glossy print in a local or nationwide magazine. It’s even more exciting when the calls and emails start rolling in. While seemingly not as exciting, investing in Facebook ads is a better marketing strategy? Here’s a closer look at magazine ads vs. Facebook ads.


With any marketing endeavor, you must measure your ROI and CPA. According to Seriously Simple Marketing, to reach 2,000 people in a magazine you will need to spend at least $500, compared to $75 or less on social media. However, reach isn’t everything, you must also consider the demographic you reach.


While your brand may be aligned with the overall demographics of the magazine you chose, it’s a wide demographic. For example, not everyone in a local food magazine will be interested in your bakeware products. Even if they are, not everyone who purchases the magazine will see your ad. However, with social media, you can hyper-target by multiple demographics such as location, age, gender, and a love for baking. The ad you create will be sent straight to their feed as a sponsored post.

Ongoing Engagement

Not everyone makes a purchase the first time they see or hear about your product or service, so the more they hear about you, the better. With a magazine ad a lead may never hear from you again—but with Facebook, you can target leads who have recently visited your website. Also, if a prospect likes your page then your posts and ads will continue to populate in their feed. Or if they click on your ad you may be able to capture them in your email marketing funnel.

In-Depth Analytics

After your magazine ad goes live, you are sure to keep an eye out for a spike in business, assuming that any increase is a result of the ad. With Facebook, you can target your audience, but also access in-depth analytics after the ad expires to see how it has performed. This includes how much it cost for a new page like, comment, direct message or conversion. In other words, you can test ads to see which work better and you can accurately measure your ROI and CPA.

Spend Less Run More Ads

With an all-around lower budget and an improved ROI Facebook advertising allow small business owners to run a greater variety of ads. This might include targeting different sectors of your audience base or running ads for a greater variety of products or services. You may even be able to budget in more seasonal advertising.

When it comes to magazine ads vs. Facebook ads, the clear winner is Facebook ads. That being said, you must understand how to set up ads and campaigns in a manner that will drive maximum conversions. If you are in the market for a social media marketing expert to launch or improve your Facebook advertising—reach out to the team at Solocube Creative today!