Feb 01
Facebook is Reportedly Building a Streaming TV App

Get Ready to Stream: Facebook Developing Its Own TV App

This is an interesting piece of news about a “reported” upcoming Facebook TV App. It doesn't surprise me that Facebook would move in this direction. Video streaming is taking over the social media platform and marketers and business owners are using video more and more to connect with their audiences and the fact that Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day. Also Facebook algorithm rewards longer and more engaging videos with better distribution on its platform.

This represents a wide-range of marketing opportunities for big brands where video ads will be up for grabs. But, I imagine smaller video ad marketing players will also get a chance to be featured in ads within this new facebook streaming TV app.

It is evident that Facebook wants to play with other big boys such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, but in their own way.

Source: Engadget