Oct 30
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How Inbound Marketing Is Changing Solocube’s World

As a web design company that also specializes in Internet marketing, Solocube Creative ( is firmly aware of the significance of inbound marketing to any online business looking to gain a strong web presence.

The realization was a result of the company’s own experience with inbound marketing and how it provided optimistic results in the form of a dramatic increase in traffic, improved brand recognition and wider audience.

Together with a newly well-designed website that was launched in December 2012, the company took off to great heights with strategic inbound marketing and timely implementation of campaigns. Today, as Solocube works to help businesses achieve stellar marketing results, it remains steadfast in its faith in inbound marketing, itself a living proof of the power of opt-in marketing.


Basically, inbound marketing is about holding a two-way, proactive attitude to marketing. Instead of pushing direct sales pitch to prospective customers, inbound marketing engages people in a subject matter they are already talking about, eliminating the need to push for business offerings that, for them, may yet be unheard of.

That is the essence of inbound marketing, a truth that Solocube is deeply tuned in to, owing to the superior outcome accomplished by carrying out inbound marketing methods that bring people who were already looking for them right to Solocube’s door step. With techniques in aspects like content production and social media, the familiarity that drew the company and its clients together strengthens, creating meaningful, beneficial and long-term connections.

The Fab Four

Inbound marketing methods vary from one provider to another. The following are the four chief concentrations that rendered the best results to Solocube Creative in its endeavor to penetrate the Internet and find its niche market to serve.

  • Search Engine Optimization.

    Commonly referred to as SEO, the method is all about optimizing websites and web pages to conform to best practices that help search engines find them and deliver targeted online visitors to the website. In effect, this technique does not seek out prospects, but they seek out the website to find what they are looking for. A well-planned SEO strategy typically includes great content, pay-per-click campaigns, and quality link building. Through these methods, building a solid online presence becomes a fruitful process.

  • Social media.

    The most powerful venue today, social media is where customers can find businesses they approve of and connect with them or follow them. In other words, this is among the best channels for businesses to find their targeted audience and interact with them. Furthermore, social media encourages businesses to build a strong relationship with their customers on a highly personal level, making the most of the connection to promote business offerings.

  • Blogs.

    No inbound marketing approach is quite complete without the presence of entertaining yet educational blogs that are maintained regularly to keep visitors coming. Social influencers are known to keep blogs in order to get their message across to as many consumers while establishing their expertise that their audience will eventually recognize, resulting to a loyal following. As more people visit these blogs, the leads and traffic to the site increase as well.

  • Email marketing.

    This long-running inbound marketing method is among the quickest and most efficient means of marketing a business. With the use of email-customized content and creative campaigns, email marketing can be a success. As the majority of the people spend a significant amount of their time checking emails, the influence afforded by email marketing should be harnessed to gain maximum results.

With these four techniques implemented in a timely and strategic manner, achieving enhanced online success is reachable, as discovered by Solocube. These days, the company emphasizes the extreme importance of inbound marketing as an effective advertising tool, offering the most valuable content and learning along the way.

Inbound marketing is indeed powerful as evidenced by the results Solocube is benefiting from these days. Therefore, businesses should integrate this method to the overall business strategy in order to enjoy the most results. To achieve maximum effect, the best way to go would be through a professional inbound marketing services firm.

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