Jan 27
inbound marketing web design new standardFB - Inbound Marketing Web Design: The New Standard

Inbound Marketing Web Design: The New Standard

According to a Microsoft Research report, web users spend an average of ten seconds on a home page before they decide to navigate elsewhere. That’s what you don’t want to happen to you. You’d want almost every new visitor to sit back, relax, and explore your website. Heck, maybe even close a transaction or sale if you’re lucky.

The whole industry of digital marketing is constantly evolving. One of the recent changes is combining inbound marketing and web design to facilitate more business. Here’s how the seamless combination of inbound marketing and web design can get you more business.

1. Make an amazing first impression

First impressions are everything when it comes to marketing. This is where the combination of effective inbound marketing strategies and web design matter the most. Having a website means you only have an average of ten seconds more or less to capture a potential customer’s attention. Within those first crucial seconds, your fate is being decided—do you deserve another look or not?

Even minor mistakes in your content or an unappealing and confusing website look and layout can cost you potential customers and leads. You need to do some upgrading and editing if that’s the case. As long as your content is flawless and has what potential customers need, your site works as it should and is easy to navigate, your visitors would have a positive experience going through your site.

2. Create content “that speaks to them”

Niche will become the next big thing to watch out for. Soon, it will become very essential to produce content that is as niche as possible if you still haven’t done that already. What this means is that you need to clearly define your target audience, know them in greater detail, and create content that speaks directly to them. The right combination of inbound marketing and web design could help you achieve the latter. Define your content and make it more specific.

inbound marketing web design new standard - Inbound Marketing Web Design: The New Standard

3. Establish quick emotional connections with visitors

If your website can make visitors relate and connect with you in a way that validates them or answers a need in them, your business is golden. There has to be something within your content and web design that’ll make visitors say, “Wow, this company gets me. This is exactly what I need/want/ am looking for.” Think of how you can make not only one but a huge percentage of your visitors think that way. If you manage to do just that, you’ve accomplished your goal as a marketer for your business.

4. Highlight quality over content

Your website’s ability to turn visitors into business leads is directly related to the quality of the content you put into your site. If this process is slow or you’re not generating any leads at all, you need to take a serious look at your content. Your website should not only be visually compelling, your content should be of value to your target audience as well. Content should also be presented in a way that’s easy for visitors to process.