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is content marketing right for your business FB - Is Content Marketing Right For Your Business?

Is Content Marketing Right For Your Business?

Based on the fundamental principle that an engaged customer is most likely to buy, content marketing focuses on harnessing the power of unique, high quality, useful and engaging content to:

  • Build valuable relationships
  • Provide direction to your brand and foster brand recognition
  • Showcase your expertise
  • Gain respect and recognition for your business within your niche
  • Increase your potential clients base




Is it Right for your Business?

A lot of professionals complain about content marketing not being as effective for their businesses as they thought it would be. To start with, content marketing is essentially a long term strategy. It is certainly not a quick-rich scheme, nor can it yield instant results on a pattern that looks like:


Day 1: New Post,
Day 2: Audience Engagement,
Day 3: Results

As a content marketer, some of the major mistakes that one must avoid include on-the-face sales pitch or broadcasting through your content, portraying incorrect facts, being inconsistent, not strategizing and straying out of the zone of relevance. Provided it is done right, content marketing can work wonders for your business.

Striking the Right Balance

One keeps coming across articles and presentations that ask you to inspire, educate, entertain, enlighten, motivate and empower your target audience. These are good things to talk about, but one must admit that there are more pressing issues of sales, targets and deadlines that demand attention. How do you achieve the right balance between being engaging and trying to sell? This is where the importance of content strategy comes in, to drive results in due course of time.

The first step of any good content marketing campaign is to define realistic objectives. This needs to be followed by creating a monthly or quarterly editorial calendar to schedule chosen topics, and supplemented with ample research. If you have a small team, it often makes sense to outsource at least a part of your content marketing requirements to alleviate some of the pressure of consistently creating high quality content. But again, this decision entails a lot of thought and background research. (For starters, don’t opt for a content marketing agency that itself doesn’t make use of content marketing!)

is content marketing right for your business021 - Is Content Marketing Right For Your Business?

Quality Content as your Differentiator

In the words of the founder of Lotus Corporation Mitchell Kapor, getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. Considering the abundance of information on the internet, your content needs to be purposeful, positive, updated and unique. The trick is to genuinely create something that is useful or makes a difference for your target audience.

To sum up

It is no longer relevant to ask whether content marketing is right for your business or not. The real question is how to get it right so that your business can stand out in the ocean of mediocrity.

The Content Marketing Explosion [INFOGRAPHIC]

Content Marketing Explosion Infographic - Is Content Marketing Right For Your Business?

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