Jul 04
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What’s New In Content Marketing – The Summer of 2018 Edition

As the summer of 2018 begins to finally creep in, you need to remain aware of the latest trends in content marketing – an area of marketing which is often subject to changes as the internet adapts to new market demands and conditions, as well as increasingly short attention spans! So, what’s new in content marketing? Let’s have a little look!

Videos are here to stay

Video is undoubtedly one of the most effective mediums at a content marketer’s disposal, with over 48% of marketers planning to implement video into their marketing plans this year. Video saw a massive rise in 2017, and this trend is still going strong well into 2018.

Live videos are even better

Facebook Live videos have been proving themselves to be very popular, with the Search Engine Journal finding that their average Facebook Live engagement was 178% higher than their usual non-live post engagement. Facebook Live videos also had a larger reach – more than double that of regular videos or content.

Diversify your social media platforms

With social media platforms such as Facebook suffering some very bad press recently, it would be easy to assume that social media is dead for content marketers. Alas, this isn’t true, although it is always a good idea to diversify your portfolio of third-party social media platforms. Whenever you use a social media platform to advertise to your customers, you are inevitably at that platform’s mercy, and they can choose to change their regulations and rules at any time they see fit, possibly to your detriment.

As a result, it’s a good idea to ensure that your content has a presence on multiple platforms. It’s also a good idea to do this because social media platforms have a tendency of becoming obsolete after a while (Myspace, anyone?) and no content marketer wants their content to be aboard a sinking social media ship.

Create meaningful content

When you searched “what’s new in content marketing?” you probably expected to find updates about things such as branded emails and sponsored ads. However, I’m here to tell you the exact opposite! Data suggests that audiences are becoming disinterested in sponsored posts, traditional ads and branded emails from companies.

Instead, people are engaging with content which is actually interesting and relevant, without advertising the company so explicitly. For example, it’s now common to see makeup companies advertising themselves via branded makeup tutorial videos, as opposed to straight-up advertisements. In short, you need to create videos, articles, images, and content which your audience will be interested in and want to engage with, as opposed to just scrolling past it mindlessly.

The bottom line

So, what’s new in content marketing? Quite a lot, it seems! As 2018 rolls in further, it seems that content marketers’ jobs are becoming more and more relevant by the minute. Consumers are engaging less and less with traditional forms of digital advertising, becoming more interested in engaging content which piques their interest while simultaneously advertising your business too.