Nov 07
233 1000x563 - Solocube Launches New Website for Japanese Acupuncture Clinic Forest of Zen Wellness

Solocube Launches New Website for Japanese Acupuncture Clinic Forest of Zen Wellness

Solocube Creative has officially launched the new website of Japanese Acupuncture holistic clinic, Forest of Zen Wellness. Solocube Creative started working with Kazuo Tateishi, founder of “Forest of Zen Wellness,” by running Facebook Ad campaigns, swiftly generating over 100 leads.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kaz and his very unique practice of Japanese acupuncture,” says Ivan Dancourt, Marketing Director and Owner at Solocube. “I am amazed at all the people he is able to help with his therapies.”

Kazuo Tateishi offers holistic therapies at his clinic on Commercial Drive and West 10th Ave, in Vancouver. His therapies include Japanese Acupuncture, Teishin Needleless Acupuncture, Toyohari Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, and other traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapies and practices. He is one of the very few Japanese acupuncturists in the Pacific North West. Solocube Creative rewrote Forest of Zen's entire website with new content and modernized technology.

“When I had my very first acupuncture treatment done, it instilled in me an incredible feeling of hope and optimism, and stimulated my inherent strength to grow and move forward”, speaks Tateishi. “My passion is to exert influence over people’s ability to cope with and prevail over their health adversities, and that is why I established ‘Forest of Zen Wellness’ as a tool to help patients of all ages with my specialized TCM treatments.”

236 1024x682 - Solocube Launches New Website for Japanese Acupuncture Clinic Forest of Zen Wellness

Kazuo Tateishi & Forest of Zen Wellness can now run his whole practice online with the help of Solocube Creative. They helped Tateishi with his marketing and consulting, website design, and development. The site is mobile-friendly and responsive. The team also assisted with Facebook Ads and management. From then on, they incorporated paid Google Ads advertising.

“We really wanted to spread his message of a gentler alternative to traditional acupuncture through online marketing, and now, through his new website,” says Dancourt. “The new site we built for him really represents his practice to a T, and I really do hope that it brings more clients to his business, so that he can help more people in the process.”

234 1024x682 - Solocube Launches New Website for Japanese Acupuncture Clinic Forest of Zen Wellness

Founded in 2003 in Vancouver, BC, Solocube Creative is a marketing agency and creator of exclusive websites with a unique marketing approach. The use of catchy designs and marketing strategies help businesses achieve more online. With expertise in web design and marketing solutions, Solocube has assisted many companies from varied fields to reach their marketing goals.

Providing high-end website content, Solocube Creative is determined to create engaging material to enhance its clients’ reputations. They do this by utilizing a wide range of marketing strategies and ultimately improving the marketing and development of their clients’ companies. With the help of Solocube Creative, Kazuo Tateishi runs his business online and gets more exposure in doing so.

“No-one is alone, and as such, it is my belief that by making a difference in how we feel about ourselves first, our next step is to start making the necessary changes in our world!” speaks Kazao Tateishi.

Solocube Creative is determined to keep its clients on the map by providing top-notch marketing and website services.

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