May 08
your website is the most important piece of your marketing plan FB - Your Website is the Most Important Piece of your Marketing Plan

Your Website is the Most Important Piece of your Marketing Plan

So you started your own business?

One of the first steps that you will undertake is a brand new Website for your company or project.

I hear it time and time again, new companies trying to cut corners when it comes to getting their own websites professionally designed & developed. The more inexpensive the better right? or “this will do for now until we get more money coming in”, but nothing is further from the truth than getting it right from the start, instead of showing just a “splash” page.

Making room for a solid investment in your own company’s Website is one of the most important decisions of your marketing efforts, even more than print advertisements, especially when you are starting out your own business. Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather make a big impact right off the bat? Your Website is you, your company, your vision, your storefront.

With the right website strategy you can get it right from the start

You heard of the saying “first impressions are the ones that count the most”, right?, well, on the Web this also stands true and now more than ever. You see, getting your site done with an inbound marketing edge by a Web design professional is the best way to make an impact on the Internet and in the long run it will pay off 100%, if done correctly.

Sure, Facebook, twitter and other social media sites are a good way to promote your company and your brand, but if you are only relying on social media and letting your own Website get stale and dated, then you gotta stop and think, how does it make your company look in the eyes of your potential clients and visitors? furthermore, what good does it do for your product or service you are working so hard to market? will your visitors come back to your site? what will they do there? Think about what you feel and think when you go to a company's site and see an outdated look with little helpful information.

Don’t ignore your website. Give it Love.

Keeping your site updated on a regular basis is now more important than ever, just ask Google.

These days of immeasurable amounts of visual data thrown our way and little attention spans, capturing your visitors attention is vital. You cannot do without a professional looking, working and intelligent responsive website for all mobile devices. Although the look of your website is important, it is not enough, under the hood you must have graphic optimization in place for fast loading pages and a up-to-date SEO setup that works dynamically with HTML5 & CSS 3 smart coding and a WordPress CMS (content management system) to put it all together, and for you to be able to update your site easily.

To top it off, making a connection of your Website with social media to extend your brand and get new visitors. Your website also needs to be updated on a regular basis by having a blog or news section for example and invite a two-way communication between you and your visitors, potential clients and fans of your brand.

Whenever you start planning a Website for your company, you have to think about what your message is, your CTA (call-to-action), what are you trying to accomplish?, what do you want your visitors to do? buy your product? buy your service? These are all good things to think about when approaching doing your Website. A professional web design company can advise you and point you in the right direction in getting all the pieces together and presented in the most proficient way possible.

A professional web design company can advise you and point you in the right direction

Along with a Website professional, you need to find out the purpose of your Website business, the plan to get it done and make it work for you so that your return-on-investment factor is present. Don't expect your site to give results right away, it takes time, but with the right efforts and a solid foundation your site can become a very strong revenue tool for your business. What you give into your site, you will get in return.

Think of your new Website this way. If you do it the wrong way from the start, it's like getting your brand new house built with poor foundation, subpar structuring and cheap materials, just so you can come back to it later, tear it apart and have to build another house on top of it, therefore, wasting your hard earned money in the process.

The amount of outdated sites on the web by reputable companies is outstanding and this is because of a poor marketing strategy and the powers that be in those companies not getting the message that marketing as we know it has been disrupted and the digital marketing age has arrived. Complacency on the web is an all time high and it is up to expert Internet marketers, web designers and developers to push forward thinking technology into next generation websites.

Long are the days of taking your “brochure” and just translating it into the web. Today your Website should be one of the most important pieces to your marketing plan.


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