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5 Best Ways to Market Your Business on Instagram With a Limited Budget

You don’t have to have a large Instagram or social media marketing budget to build your following, increase engagement, and drive traffic and conversions. However, you must have a solid strategy in place. Below are the 5 best ways to market on Instagram.

Switch To A Business Profile

Your Instagram profile may have been created for your business, but you must switch to a business profile. This is free to do and only takes seconds. Just go to Settings (the 3 vertical dots on your profile page) and scroll down to “Sign up for a business profile”. Once you’ve made the switch, you will gain access to Instagram Insights. This will show you valuable information such as your specific demographics and what times a day your posts are the most successful. Since every social media platform is utilized differently by consumers, this insight will help you to hyper-target your Instagram ads.

Use Hashtags

In case it needs to be stated, you must use hashtags on Instagram. The two areas where most people go wrong with hashtags are using too few and repeating the same hashtags. Aim for 10 to 15 hashtags per post, and while you can certainly repeat, each post should have post-specific hashtags.

Use Those Filters

The photos you post can certainly be on your smartphone; then you can edit them using filters. One strategy is to use the same filter for every picture with the purpose of creating a consistent look, but don’t rule out mixing things up to make sure that every image looks its best. The more visually appealing your photos the more hearts and engagement.

Boost Your Popular Posts

You have two options when it comes to creating paid ads, one is to create ads from scratch—but the other is to boost posts. Any post can be promoted but boost the ones that are already performing well on their own and gain even more momentum. Really learn the targeting features when you boost, of which the 3 main categories are Awareness, Consideration and Conversions.

Do An A/B Split Test

When creating ads from scratch, do an A/B split test. A split test is two similar but different ads. The photo might be different, the target audience might be different, or even the text and hashtags. Test each version for a day or two until you feel like you’ve got it right. Ads are created on Facebook so be sure to link your accounts.

Does Instagram Marketing Sound Too Complicated?

While you can certainly teach yourself how to achieve success on Instagram, for best results you must create an interlinked digital marketing strategy. This strategy will include the best ways to market on Instagram but also be linked to and from supportive strategies.

To get the most bang for your limited budget, we invite you to reach out to Solocube Creative today. We can create powerful Instagram marketing and perform a full digital assessment of your business.

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