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What Successful Brands Can Teach You About Building Your Brand on Instagram

Your business may not be a household name yet, but you can leverage a few tips from household names for building your brand on Instagram. The product or service you offer will determine the best ways to leverage Instagram. Below are just a few things you can learn from successful brands. Use these tips as inspiration, but find a unique way to achieve your goals.

Ordinary Extraordinary

Some of the most successful posts are the everyday relatable posts. Yes, major corporations may spend big bucks staging these shots, but you don’t have to. Capture candid moments of people enjoying your product or service. For example, take a picture of everyone in your yoga class—even a shot of everyone from a side or back view can be stunning. Or photograph a group of friends eating your food or drinking your espresso. Make everyone look their best with the built-in filters. Oreo and Califia Farms do an excellent job of this.

Encourage Customers To Share

Utilize your newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter to encourage your customers to provide photos and consent—so that you can post their photos of your product or service in action, from a variety of sights and surroundings. For example, if you sell hiking gear, just imagine the shots that will come in from around the world. But this could also include silly or fun product placement, such as the fun fake moustache shots that come in for Movember.

Fabulous Fashion

If you sell clothing or accessories, Instagram is your dream come true. Again, encourage customers to share, but take every opportunity to shoot your product. However, most of your shots should be of people sporting your products, not just plain product shots. The fun thing about photo sharing in this manner, is that you can post the same dress on 5 different girls in a photo slide to show how it works on all body types. Or utilize a short video clip to show different ways to dress up and down, or mix and match your wardrobe.

Sneak Peek And Behind The Scenes

Building your brand on Instagram can be discussed without mention of providing your followers with something exclusive. This could include a sneak peek of a new product launch, a rare or every day behind the scenes look at you and your team, and even exclusive promo codes offered only on Instagram. You could even limit the code to the first 100.

Trending Hashtags

Yes, of course, capitalize on trending hashtags. Better yet, learn how to tell what is trending right now. However, try to create your own trends. You will never know until you strike gold, but it can happen anytime—such as the #FollowMeToo hashtag and photo pose made popular by husband and wife and founder of the Follow Me Too project Murad and Natalia Osmann.

In other words, you need to do more than just snap random shots and post them to Instagram. However, you must never underestimate the value of candid and spontaneous moments for building your brand on Instagram. When you find a theme or shot that works, replicate the trend, as you continue to test more.


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