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5 Rules to Follow When Giving Titles to Your Lead Magnet E-Books

5 Rules to Follow When Giving Titles to Your Lead Magnet E-Books

A free e-book is an excellent way to capture your leads, and encourage them to opt-in to your newsletter or targeted landing page. While most of your energy will be invested in writing a relevant and meaningful e-book, it is the title that entices your leads to opt-in. Here are 5 rules to follow when creating your lead magnet titles.

To The Point

Now is not the time to get creative, save that for your e-book text. Your title must be direct and to the point. Potential leads need to be able to read your title and know exactly what they will gain from opting in. While your title is to the point, the e-book can include lots of other relevant information. In fact, you could even have a few different versions of your e-book, targeted to different niches.

Relevant To Their Needs

Both your e-book and your lead magnet titles need to be relevant to your target audience’s needs. An excellent way to choose your title and topic is to write about some of your most frequently asked questions. No, this doesn’t mean product-related questions—but industry or audience related questions. If not FAQs, something meaningful that your target audience would value. For example, if you sell fitness equipment, diabetic products, or kitchen gadgets—a free healthy-living cookbook would be relevant and meaningful.

Enticing Title

Not only should your title be to the point, but it must be enticing. It must be a read convinces leads that it is worth sharing their email address in exchange for your free gift. If you have noticed, many lead magnet titles begin with or include:

  • How To
  • Why You Should
  • 5 Tips, Reasons, or Ways
  • The Key To
  • Master The Art Of
  • 30 Days To

These certainly aren’t your only options, but there is a reason why these common titles work.

Supports The Image Or Graphics

Your opt-in landing page or box needs to be beautifully designed, with colors, images, and graphics that support your e-book title—and your brand. If appropriate, you may even have the e-book cover included in the opt-in box or landing page. Make sure the cover or graphics and images are clean and crisp, and that they support your title. It may be worth having a professional graphic design your cover for you.

Make It Sound Natural

Your lead magnet titles don’t have to be stuffed with keywords. Instead, you should focus on making them sound natural, engaging, and valuable. Save the keywords and SEO for the landing page text, marketing headlines, and e-books you plan on monetizing.

While you want your e-books to be valuable and high quality, remember that they can be short and sweet. The average e-book gift is 3,000 words or less. Keep paragraphs short, and utilize lots of bullet points, images, graphics, and relevant headings.

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