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Free Book DotComSecrets Reveals Ways To Grow Your Company Online Using Sales Funnels

Have you ever wondered what it is that separates companies with a strong online presence from those with a minor online presence? Or how it is that a startup can generate impressive traffic and conversions? While you may understand that online marketing is the key to this success, you may not be sure where to begin. In his free book, DotComSecrets online mastermind Russell Brunson shares a strategic approach to online sales and marketing funnels.

DotComSecrets Free Book - Free Book DotComSecrets Reveals Ways To Grow Your Company Online Using Sales Funnels

Are Your Current Marketing Efforts Disjointed?

The way consumers utilize media and generate information has changed, meaning that both your online and offline tactics and strategies must change. Where many well-intentioned companies go wrong, is by dabbling a bit here and there, but not creating a genuine sales funnel. For example, you run a PPC campaign or FB sponsored post that drives people to your website or landing page—and if they don’t convert, they don’t convert. Yes, you can drive more conversion by these efforts, but the bounce rate and ROI may be discouraging. Create an online sales funnel, and your results will skyrocket.

Your Time Is Too Valuable To Waste

Instead of testing a different strategy here and there and hoping one works, learn from a pro who has mastered the art of online success. Far too many companies give up before they really ever get started, or invest a ton of money in marketing, with no real strategies in place. If the goal is to grow your business, and you are dedicated to a DIY approach—then you must invest in a DIY resource to help you avoid, or eliminate the common roadblocks and mistakes.

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What Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a powerful means of guiding your leads through the sale process. Every sales funnel is unique, but the goal is to take a targeted and qualified lead—and continually engage with them in a strategic manner. Some funnels are designed for first time website visitors, and others are designed for those who are already familiar with your business or brand. Funnels can even be designed for the exact type of product or service you have to offer—even webinars and special events.

A sales funnel can include cross-channel online and offline marketing—and can engage with leads via email, text, social media, and more!

A Sales Funnel Doesn’t Have To Generate More Traffic

Many DIY marketing efforts focus too heavily on generic odds:

More Traffic = More Conversions

Or does it?

By “capturing” a lead, and placing them into a targeted sales funnel—you can increase your ROI without increasing your traffic. The difference is you find a way to stay connected and engaged with both your new and existing leads, boosting sales and conversions without driving more traffic.

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However—Your Investment In Sales Funnel Software Will Help To Boost Your Traffic

Once you learn the secrets to Dotcom success, your traffic will indeed increase. Why? Because search engines “reward” integrity and quality. Not just that, but your marketing funnels will boost your referrals.

You Will Need To Invest In Sales Funnel Software

Sales funnel software automates your marketing actions, but more importantly—helps you design effective funnels. This goes beyond creating a lead capture page, to a streamlined multi-step engagement process. You will even be able to analyze your success rates, and see where your leads are in the funnel. Some funnel software is so effective that your funnels can stand alone without your website, or can eliminate the need for a website altogether.

Not only does Russel share secrets to online sales marketing funnels, but he is the co-founder of revolutionary funnel software ClickFunnels!

Marketing Best Practices Change Rapidly—So You Must Keep Up

Online marketing strategies change at a rapid rate, and even offline marketing continues to evolve. To remain competitive, you must keep up. What works today, may need to be tweaked to remain relevant—or even abandoned altogether.

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 Every Business Should Invest In Online Marketing

Every single business, across every single industry should be marketing their company online—this includes startups, tenured companies, local businesses, and entrepreneurs!

When the power of the internet is properly leveraged, you can boost sales and conversions without breaking the bank.

Targeted sales funnels are a surprisingly easy and effective way of finally achieving the online marketing success you’ve been dreaming of! If you are ready to leverage the internet to drive new traffic, more conversions, and more return visitors—Order DotComSecrets Today!

Soon everyone will be wondering how you achieve your online success!

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