Nov 21
How to Structure Your Content For the Top of The Sales Funnel

How to Structure Your Content For the Top of The Sales Funnel

Businesses looking for top of the funnel content need to concentrate and listen carefully because the top of the sales funnel is your initial entry point in your market which causes people to (potentially) become aware of your brand and fall deeper into the funnel. As a result, the top of the funnel content needs to be precise and well-thought-out, converting passers-by into leads quickly and effectively.

So, if you’re looking for advice on creating top of the funnel content, read on!


Grab attention quickly

The internet is essentially an “attention economy” where a cornucopia of companies and services are fiercely competing to hold your attention for the longest. Whether you like it or not, your content is fighting the same fight as everyone else’s, so you’d better make it attention-grabbing and it had better not waste time.

For example, if you’re creating a video, you can get rid of lengthy introductions and logos at the beginning – you want to cut right through and get straight to the point you’re trying to get across as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you’re creating images, they need to be designed so that they are unique and eye-catching amongst the flurry of social media posts they are competing with.

There’s a reason that newspapers and magazines use sensationalized headlines; it’s because it grabs your attention and makes you more likely to read on. Be honest with yourself – if you saw your content, would it grab your attention or would you quickly move on?


Hold that attention!

It’s one thing to grab your leads’ attention with top of the funnel content, but keeping it is a different matter. You need to ensure that your content is engaging and interesting after it has attracted people, making them intrigued to find out more and keep progressing through the funnel.

If you’re creating a video, trim all of the fat and make it as short and as punchy as possible, highlighting the key points without dwelling on the minutia too long. Similarly, if you’re creating blog content, don’t give it a brilliant title/intro and then write something which is 8,000 words long – no one is going to read it. However, if you are creating a blog which needs to be fairly lengthy, use H1s, H2s, and H3s (subheadings) to break up the content and make it easier to read at a glance.


Leave them wanting more

The whole point of top of the funnel content is that it leads people down the sales funnel, so make sure that you do just that! If you’ve just entertained your lead or provided them with useful information, be sure to link to your website and point them in the right direction down the sales funnel. If you impress them and then directly point them towards your website, you have even more opportunities to push them down the funnel further.
Top of the funnel content can mean the difference between catching a lead and being lost in obscurity forever. You must make sure that your top of the funnel content is engaging, attention-grabbing, and moreish!