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why is responsive web design so important1 - Why is Responsive Web Design so Important?

Why is Responsive Web Design so Important?

The year 2013 is hailed as the ‘year of responsive web design' and rightly so. There has been a significant audience shift from the desktops and laptops to mobile devices and other gadgets for browsing websites.

Today, whether it is a hotel booking, or a ticket reservation, reading the news online or shopping online; users are inclined towards responsive websites that offer seamless navigation and user experience on the go.

responsive web design is the future and the future is now - Why is Responsive Web Design so Important?


  • Optimal viewing experience

    is a must have for all websites today. A responsive website must be crafted in a manner that allows the user a smooth navigation without much of scrolling, pinching, panning and resizing.

  • Increasing reach to Smartphones & other devices

    Having a responsive website for a company's digital presence is the need of the hour as customers nowadays demand almost everything on the move. Maximum users visit websites from varied mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads, iPhones etc. Only a responsive web design can adapt to different viewing screens by shuffling and realigning its content.

  • Saves precious Time & Money

    In a scenario when you do not have a responsive web design, you'll end up creating different versions of the website for different devices like desktop, tablets, mobiles etc. Further, you will have to update all these versions every time there's a change.

    Imagine doing an update on every version whenever you add a new web page, edit content or even in case of a small typo.  While with a responsive website, all you need to do is make the changes on one platform and update. Your website management becomes unbelievably easy and saves both time and money as well.

  • The wide reach of your business

    A responsive website is essential to ensure the wide reach of business. With maximum users now accessing your website on the go from their mobile devices, if your website is not responsive and does not open on his mobile browser or it makes it hard to read and view your website's content, you are most likely to lose a prospective customer.


  • Best Optimization for Search Engines

    Your time of maintaining your site is minimized that allows you to focus on the SEO campaigns to improve your search engine rankings .

  • Comprehensive analytics & Reporting

    With a responsive site, tracking user journeys, funnels and conversion paths is no longer required. With google analytics now optimized efficiently to take care of responsive reporting and multiple devices, you can take advantage of a comprehensive report for better analysis and monitoring.

google predicts mobile growth explosion next year 2013 - Why is Responsive Web Design so Important?

With the sales of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones exploding, your responsive website is sure to contribute a greater share towards the wide reach and growth of your business.


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