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an easy to use quick video maker for your shopify website 1000x563 - An Easy to Use Quick Video Maker for Your Shopify Website

An Easy to Use Quick Video Maker for Your Shopify Website

shopify logo 300x130 - An Easy to Use Quick Video Maker for Your Shopify WebsiteAre you looking for a way to boosts sales to your Shopify store? Of course, you are! Shopify suggests adding videos to your products, along with your photographs—but video editing might not be in your wheelhouse. Not to worry as there is a quick video maker that provides you with an almost instant video—VidElligence!

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The Numbers Say It All

According to Kissmetrics viewers are up to 85% more likely to purchase your product if you have a video in addition to your photograph. No live footage needed as you can use your preexisting photos to create a conversion-driving video. Aside from the increase in conversions, Wordstream found that video drives 157% more iderganic traffic from search engines. These are numbers you simply can’t ignore.

An Intelligent Video Maker

There are many photo video makers out there, but per its name VidElligence is intelligent. Post your product to Shopify or Amazon with photos, title, call to action and all relevant product information. Once you are pleased with your listing, copy and paste the product URL into VidElligence and all information will be automatically imported.

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Product Video Templates

If you have ever built your own website or landing page then you are familiar with visually appealing motion templates. This is where VidElligence really stands out from the crowd. Not only does your product information automatically import, but its added into a video template of your choice.

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All Templates Can Be Customized

If you don’t want to use the same call to action, photos, or product information from your product URL—the imported information is easy to customize. You can even change the color of your template and a few of the features. If you would like to add more photographs than in your product listing or omit photographs you can do that too.

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Add Music For Free

After you enter your Shopify product URL you are guided through a fast and easy video process, including choosing and adding a free music sample. You don’t have to use music if you don’t want to, but music can help to make your video more engaging.

Low One-Time Cost

The current pricing structure for VidElligence allows you to choose from one or two one-time, lifetime subscriptions—not a monthly subscription like with most video software. The current rates are $67 for a Personal License and $79 for a Commercial License. The plan is to act fast soon to lock in your low one-time rate.

While your initial goal may be to create a video for your Shopify store, that is just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to creating product videos, you can create custom videos for your website, blog posts, social media, email marketing, and more. You can even create multi-product videos and use non-product video templates—such as a pop-up shop video announcement. To learn more about the VidElligence quick video maker reach out today!

Video Templates For eCommerce, Video makers, List builders, Bloggers, Social Media & Local Business Owners

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