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10 Facebook Marketing Ideas for Lawyers That Will Make Them Stand Out in the Crowd

It’s a question both independent and large law firms face: should I be advertising on social media? The next question is, does Facebook marketing work for lawyers? It does work, but you need to know how to do it right. Below are a few ideas to make your law firm stand out in the crowd.

Answer Category-Specific Questions

First up, create posts that are category-specific, not law specific. For example, if you specialize in divorce—answer the FAQs everyone wants to know before he or she file, after they file, and to help them select the right attorney.

If You Have A Blog, Add An RSS Feed

If you are posting weekly or monthly blogs, add an RSS feed to your website—so that you can preschedule your posts through Buffer or your preferred scheduling tool. This will give you backlinks to and from your website to Facebook.

Write Directly To Your Clients

Legal speak, it’s the way your brain processes information—but it’s not the way to market to your clients. Write and speak in your language and tone your clients use when they speak to you. If you can’t achieve this yourself, have someone on your staff do it for you.

Include Quality Photos With Your Posts

Whether speaking of your general posts or paid advertising, include quality relevant images that you have the copyrights to share.

Invest In Facebook Paid Advertising

Speaking of paid advertising, invest in $5 to $10 a day campaigns—3 or more days a week. Headlines can be your most common FAQs.

Target Your Paid Ads

Facebook allows you to hyper-target your demographics by location, age, gender, interests, and a long list of demographics. This will help to optimize your ad spending.

Test More Than One Ad

You can’t just run an ad and hope it does well, so you must test two similar ads—with two relevant photos and two similar headlines. Test for at least 3 days each, then run with the one that works better. Or keep tweaking until you get it right.

Retarget Your Ads

You already have an email list, so upload your list to Facebook—and if the user’s email address is connected to a Facebook profile, you can create ads and sponsored posts that market directly to your current and former clients.

Create A Lookalike Campaign

Facebook’s algorithms can really work to your advantage. After a successful Facebook campaign, you can run a Lookalike campaign in which Facebook creates a similar audience for those who converted.

Create A Landing Page For Your Niche Services

Yes, you have a website, but landing pages allow you to capture leads in your niche service areas. This could include anything from patent services, business startup, crowdfunding, marijuana compliance, and more.

Facebook marketing is most successful for firms who serve everyday individuals, but with creativity, Facebook marketing can be used for any type of lawyers and law firms. If not for your firm, use it to market yourself—and in turn your firm.

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